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Fast and the Furious

Indigenous people of the North – Sami live in the center of the Kola Peninsula. Every year in one and too they celebrate season become already traditional Put the reindeer breeder, dated to traditional in Murmansk region – to the North Holiday. The program of this action always joins races on cervine teams, driving on deer, cross-country skiing. The inhabitants and guests who are present at this unusual holiday can get acquainted with life of reindeer breeders. With their ancient songs and dancings from the ancient Lappish epos to hear unusual sound of a tambourine on which the shaman sounds a spell of evil spirits. The most popular and besides the only type of transport at Sami cervine teams.


Lovozero village, Murmansk region

Camera details

Nikon D 700, AF-S Nikkor 24-120 mm


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