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Lessons from nature

While making our path in the fresh snow, corona nearly seems like a bad nightmare of last night. Nothing makes me suspect the disaster happening under the human population when skiing in this quiet and peaceful landscape. As far as my eyes can reach, nothing man-made is to be seen. The views of empty cities worldwide due to lockdowns evoke ghostly, upset and unpleasant feelings in many of us humans. The views of seemingly endless, deserted valleys in the wilderness of Northern Europe don't. Instead, they evokes feelings of respect for the majestic natural scenery in front of our eyes. Although a human is not more than a small dot in this enormous and often hostile land, I believe we have all found relief and hope by coming out here in these insecure times. I hope we all keep spending more time out in nature, even when the crisis will be over. Nature is always there for us and reminds us to slow down from time to time to enjoy the small things in life. Like a juicy orange after some hours of skiing!


Namdalen (Troms of Finnmark)

Camera details

Sony a6000 with 16-50mm lens



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