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No people – just road and heaven – corona is here :-(

It is very sad to see no people on this busy road from Kirkenes to Nikel. It used to be more than 100.000 people crossing the Storskog border station. Nowadays almost no one due to the corona pandemic. Very sad. But I find hope in the beautiful looks of the lights on the new bridge crossing the Pasvik border river between Norway and Russia. And I find hope in seeing that the North Star (Polaris) will always be there for us reminding us that the world will be back to normal soon. The picture is taken as a time exposure for 20 minutes showing the rotation of the planet Earth around the north-south axis making the North Star stand still in the sky.


Elvenes, just outside Kirkenes, Norway

Camera details

Nikon D850, f/8, 14 mm, 20 min exposure



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dark blue sky with stars and a small bridge

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