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old times, new generation

each year at spring me and my family plant potatos in our field. when atumn comes it is time to harvest the potatoes. the whole family comes together to harvest the potatoes every year. we plant the potatoes that were left over from the previous year. we do not throw a way any materials that we could use more, like the potatoes or the buckets we use. my family have been doing this for generations, last year we were three generations in the same field. harvesting potatoes do not sound really fun but it actually is really fun in the right company, we ofthen have potato fights where we throw a potato at each other or have resteling fights in the sand. we are careful so no one gets hurt. we still use a tractor from 1970, we rwpair it regularly so that everything will be in order for the harvest, although we always have some problems at the harvest. when we are done harvesting for the year everyone gets to take with them some potatoes home.


osbakk, beiarn, norway

Camera details

i use a canon 750d. and in the photo i used a 70-200 sigma lens.



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