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On our way. Under the blue light of polar nights.

It was almost the end of 2020 when I took this photograph and filled my heart with joy. Corona pandemic has affected humans in a way we would have never imagined, our world seemed to have stopped for many months, feeling a bit surreal still. Our habits changed quite drastically; our way to see life, what is important, our behavior towards each other, everything changed, even our movement in the planet did. With traveling restrictions, borders closed and chaos going all over around the world, we had some barriers keeping us from moving freely as we did before.

Fortunately, the pandemic did not stop everyone to move and travel. That is the case of migratory animals all around the world. The Barents region comprises a vast area for migratory species to stay and move through. This flock of more than 300 Purple Sandpipers made a stop in Tromsø during its migration path towards overwinter lands. As I spend time photographing them, I cannot stop thinking how wonderful nature is, and how strong and lucky these little ones are. Hopefully soon we all can gather, travel, and celebrate as close to each other as a flock of birds through the Barents region.



Camera details

Canon EOS 650D, Tamron AF DI Ii 18-200



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