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Skitouring in Abisko

This picture was taken in 21st of April, while skitouring at Nuolja near Abisko National Park in Sweden. The season is changing - there have been weeks of warmth waves hitting the nordic fjelds melting the snow and revealing the bare ground underneath. The change is inevitable however, it shouldn't be so soon. Historically at this time of the year it should still be snowy with light freeze.
During our tour, the weather takes a sudden change and it begins to snow. We are blessed with fresh powder and a promise of the snow staying here - atleast for now.

This excursion made me reflect on why did we feel so relieved when the snow started pouring; have we just realized that this can't be taken for granted in the future?

Skitouring is statistically carbon positive activity. Many skiers travel long distances by flying or driving in order to find fresh snow. Many self-conscious people therefore choose carpooling or buying ecofuel tickets in order to offset the inbalance. In the future this will be more difficult. Maybe there is a place for a market niche?


KIRUNA ABISKO; SWEREF 99 TM N 7588184, E 652208

Camera details

Canon EOS 90D
EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM



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